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get unlimitedcloud Space

on google drive

 For just one time reasonable payment

Store unlimited any files

Audio Files

Image Files

Video Files

Excel Files

Doc Files

PDF Files

Any Files

Archive Files

PPT Files

Share with anyone

Share with a single

enable  to view

enable  to download

Create team work space

Share with a Team

Enable to edit

Give Permissions

What our customers say

Works great. Your MailDrive has the regular Google high standards. I love it. 

Ilan S.

Leads Master

Wow. Reasonable price for a great tool. I can now upload all my photos & videos to the cloud. this is a life saver. could not afford it earlier for my 50T photos.

Meital G.


Awesome deal. Thank you for your MailDrive. Now I have space for all my family photos & videos. Works intuitively simple.

Hanna C.

Full time job Grandmother

Choose Your Plan


3 Years Plan

(Charged Once)

Unlimited Cloud Storage on Google Drive for 3 years for this reasonable price

97$ Per Year

197$ Single Payment

Yes, I want this Special offer

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Monthly Plan

(Charged Annually)

 Unlimited Cloud Storage on Google Drive for 1 year only for this reasonable price

17$ Per Month

97$ Annually

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Frequenly asked questions

How can you offer such a good deal ? 

This is correct question. If you go to Google Drive to purchase, you will be charged for only 10TB space 99$ a month ! However, We bought many Google accounts in bulk & have a limited number of spare accounts.

Is it Really unlimited ? 

Yes. You can upload any number of videos, photos, backups, presentations & anything you like.

Is It really stored by Google ?

Yes. You will get a new Google account with a new Google Email ( which is sub-licensed by Google & is active under Google rules.

How long will i have access to my account ?

Depends on the account you chose, 1 year or 3 years. Most likely you will be able to extend it before it expires, unless Google will cancel this option.

Is it possible to access my account from anywhere ?

Yes it is. As long as you have internet access, you are able to access your files, from any device.

Is it really possible to share my files with teams ?

Yes it is. Not only that you can share your files with anyone, you can decide your permission levels & if the person files are shared with can only view download or even edit these files. This special feature actually let you create team space with shared files for team work.

is it safe & secure ? Can anyone else access my files?

This is Google account & is safe as any other Google account. Only you have access to your files, unless you share & give access to someone else to specific files or folders or to your own computer.

can i use the account to sync my photos from mobile ?

Yes, you can. You will need to add this account to your smartphone, download & install Google photographs app & configure.

Can I use it to backup my Computer or my sites ?

You sure can. Computer & Mobile are easy. We also offer a service for automated WordPress websites backup to your own MailDrive cloud. If you want help, just contact our helpdesk.

Can I Use Other Google Services With This Account ?

Yes, you can. When you purchase this deal you can use almost all Google services, such as Google Photographs (sync from your mobile to your unlimited cloud), Google Docs, Google Sheets, Calendar, Hangouts, Google Keep, Google + and & more…

what’s the catch ? 

There is no catch. However, you will need to use it for legal purposes only & follow Google rules, since this service is owned & provided by Google, Therefore, by purchasing this deal, you accept & willing to Google terms of service.

What about support ? 

We do have and provide support for our part. However, since this service is supplied in a very special price, and since it is a Google service & supplied as is.

Google has this service very well documented & you can go through all Google explanations.

If you will still need our support you will always be able to ask our help, however, we might ask you to use our paid support services, if the issue is not connected directly with us.

Ok, I purchased. What’s next ? 

Congratulations for your wise decision. We create your account manually. We do our best to supply it asap, however it might take between 1-24 hours. We’ll appreciate your patience.

As soon as your account will be ready, you will receive an Email with your new Email account & you will have to change your password within 24 hours! please do that, or you will have to contact our support to re-create your account.

After changing your password, just login & start use it 🙂

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